The design for the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum is based on a symmetric dual system, so that both the old and the new wings feature identical activities. This is achieved by an identical functional division in each wing on every floor. The preservation of an identical horizontal and modular division vis-à-vis the façades of the old and new structures underlines their continuity and uniformity. The use of varied finishing materials and the design of the façade elements underscore the differences that are unique to each of the wings, which represent different architectural periods and styles. The old building represents the “heavy” Brutalist style of its period characterized by a massive use of exposed concrete. The new building presents modern-day neo-modernism, with its “light” appearance, making extensive use of glass combined with bare concrete. The skillful use of bare concrete in both wings emphasizes their connecting and common factor. The sculpture garden, enclosed between the two wings, unifies the composition into one entity.

New exhibition wing
Client: Tel Aviv Municipality
Area: 40,000 sq.m