33 after 40, Architect House Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2020
The International Conference for Women in Architecture (Ramat Gan, Israel) 2019
Safra Square Competition, Architect House Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2019
Zodchestvo Architecture Festival (Moscow, Rusia) 2018
Festival of Israeli Architecture (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2017
Space 2014-Green Thoughts, Architect House Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2014
The International Festival of Architecture and Urbanism in Prague  (Prague, Czech Republic) 2013
Architecture Week  (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2012
Space 2011-Public Exceptions, Architect House Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2011
Polonsky Academy Competition, City Model Gallery  (Jerusalem, Israel) 2009
Justice Facilities Review Architectural Exhibition, traveling (USA) 2008
This is in Process X3: Chyutin Architects, ZeZeZe Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2007
Interior Architects’ Association Award Showcase (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2005
Tel Aviv Museum New Wing Competition Exhibition (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2004
The Paradox of Local Architecture in Israel, Arsenal (Paris, France) 2000
The Architecture Biennial (Sao Paolo, Brazil) 1999
Israeli Architecture-Jubilee Year (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1998
Space 97-Israeli Architecture, Migdalor Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1997
Tel Aviv Architecture Following the International Style, Habima Theater (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1994
Unrealized Projects, Artists’ House (Jerusalem, Israel) 1993
Water Towers in Israel 1891-1993, Schreiber University Art Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1993
Public Buildings in Israel, Yad Hanadiv Architectural Seminar (Jerusalem, Israel) 1992
Gilboa Street Case Study (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1990
Architecture in the Basement, Dizengoff Center (Tel Aviv, Israel) 1986