The museum building will be erected abutting Tel Beer-Sheva on its eastern side, within the Beer-Sheva city limits. The tell is a national park and has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The museum and the field school adjacent to it will be used both as a center for studies of the history, archeology, and nature of the Negev, and as a museum open to the public at large. The museum will be built on the slope facing the Hebron Stream. A central building and a youth hostel, facing a public garden space, will be erected at the top of the slope. The museum will comprise a series of pavilions specializing in different subjects relating to the Negev. The pavilions will extend over the slope in a stepped ‘carpet’ construction of a network of pavilions separated by their yards. Each pavilion will contain a classroom and display areas in closed spaces and in the yards. The study groups will be lodged at the hostel, and the students will move from one pavilion to another, so that during their stay they will pass through all the pavilions. The complex is planned as an ecological space that preserves the landscape qualities of the natural surroundings, attuned to the local climate, the winds, the movement of the sun, and to energy saving.

Museum and educational center
Client: Beer-Sheva Municipality
Area: 20,000 sq.m